Fox Racing Shox Transfer Lever Assembly

Fox Racing Shox Transfer Lever Assembly


Ergonomically designed


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Fox Racing Shox gives you the choice with which handlebar remote you want for you Transfer dropper post with their Transfer Lever Assembly.

Ergonomically designed to sit perfectly where a front shifter would go, the 1x Under Rem lever (under bar remote) has a textured trigger to increase grip, as well as a barrel adjuster to get the cable tension just right.

The 2x/3x Rem lever (over bar remote) is made for 2x and 3x drivetrains that still use a front shifter. It can be positioned on the left or right of the handlebars, catering to your preferences. It also has a textured trigger for increased grip and a barrel adjuster for cable tension.

Key Features:

  • The under bar remote (1x Under Rem) is designed for one by drivetrains and sits on the left hand side of the bars in place of the left hand shifter.
  • The over bar remote (2x/3x Rem) is designed for use with a front derailleur and can be placed on either the left or the right hand side of the bars.

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1x Under Remote, 2x/3x Remote

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