Ashima ReAction Gear Cable Kit

Ashima ReAction Gear Cable Kit


Reaction – Slick Stainless Teflon coated inners mean a super smooth efficient glide to the cable, allowing easy shifting and braking.

Both Teflon coated and Kevlar Braided make Reaction outer cables light, strong and a stunning addition to any bike. These cables will really make the difference!

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ReAction is the premier offering from Ashima
and cannot be compared to its competitors as the range has no equal!
The inner/outer casing combination has been designed
to offer Elite Professional levels of performance
for smooth precise shifting.
Features :

Inner Wire Spec.

Stainless Steel : Diameter 1.1mm Slick, 19xdia 0.24 strands
Increased environmental protection
Reduced Weight
Slick : Pre Stretched to ensure 1 set-up
Surface smoothed for improved efficiency
PTFE Coated : Ultra low friction surface for improved efficiency
Hard wearing for endurance/life
End Fitting – Shimano

Outer Casing Spec
SP-Steel : diameter 4.5, 17xdia 0.48 strands
increased environmental protection & reduced weight
Kevlar Braid : High strength wrap to prevent migration of wire strands
High strength, reduced compression for responsive fee
High tech aisthetics
PTFE Liner : Ultra -low friction surface for improved efficiency
Hard wearing for endurance/life
Lubricated : Pre-Lubricated and sealed

8x CNC Aluminum sealed Ferrules
2x Aluminum end tips – 6x Doughnuts